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4X4 Trucks

Kids love to ride on these miniature 4x4 trucks!  Up to four riders can ride together in one vehicle.

Air Slide
The Air Slide is a giant inflatable slide that riders slide down the slick vinyl surface in a seated position.  As riders get to the bottom, they usually find themselves wanting to race back up to the top for more!
Crazy Bus

The Crazy Bus is a popular family ride featuring a brightly colored school bus that moves in a vertical, magic carpet motion.  Adults are welcome to ride along with their child.

Fire Dog Inflatable
Kids love to bounce in this fire dog themed moon walk.
Groovy Bus
Ride along in this flower power themed bus ride!
Riders control the flying level of their space age helicopter as they move around in a circle.
Hillbilly Train
Kids love this wacky themed train from the south as it moves around the oval shaped track.
Jumping Jumbos

Hope aboard the Jumping Jumbos! Each of the flying elephants accommodate two to three passengers. As the ride spins, riders control the height that their elephant flies through the use of a lever inside the ride vehicle. Up, up, and away!

Quad Runner

Rev up your engines kids, its time to race on the Quad Runners!  Kids can choose which brightly colored ATV they want to ride on.


Let your adventure begin on the RAIDERS! The Raiders is a multi level obstacle course featuring over 10 fun elements including punching bags, a cargo net climb, rubber band maze, inflatable slide, two long suspension bridges, and a 45ft long covered slide into a air pillow.

The Arnold's Speedway is a miniature themed racetrack for children.  There are eight NASCAR replica race cars to choose from.  Once strapped in, the ride drives the cars slowly down the straight-a-ways and then quickly turns the corners.
Super Trucks
Honk your horn on these kid sized big rigs!
Swamp Gator
The Swamp Gator is a kid sized roller coaster that features a oval track configuration.
VW Bugs
The VW Bugs is a fun ride for junior drivers.  It features a combination of brightly colored, miniature VW Bugs.  It is a simple ride that spins in a continuous circle.  The children love this ride because they can honk the horns on any of the vehicles.
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